About Us

Pea Ridge Pecans is a family owned business that grows and sells pecans each growing season.  The pecans are homegrown on the 90-acre Mote family orchard that was established in 1926 and was named “Pea Ridge” for its known pea gravel. 

The orchard includes new tree varieties such as Caddo, Desirable, Kanza, Lakota, Oconee, and Pawnee with a few leftover mature trees planted in the 1960s that include Mahan, Burkett, Western Sly, Eastern Sly, and Choctaw.

We may be a busy Pecan Orchard, but here at Pea Ridge Pecans we’re in the business of producing quality products. 

Whether you purchase online or at select farmers markets, your pecans are guaranteed to be fresh, crisp, clean, and tasty.

We thank you for supporting a small business.